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  • “Do not just work for yourself, work for your team”

    We are a reliable connection company between our clients, working on satisfying their needs.
    Be the service company of representation and certification of the product, offering immediate solutions. Committing with our workers and customers through our corporate values.
    Corporate values
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Responsability
  • Quality policy
    Achieve the customer satisfaction by attending immediately their requirements of representation and inspection of parts, through effective communication and including a commitment to the continuous improvement of our services.
    DIOCON is a young company born in January 2007 with the commitment to improve the quality of service representation and inspection of material in quality problems and customer contact, this among the suppliers of the automotive industry and their customers. We know the importance in the automotive industry, which is why we are governed by its philosophy, mission, vision, values and cultural priorities.
    Currently we have a sufficient people for the realization of sorting at the receiving area in different plants. Other activities that we have carried out are the "quality walls" or Verification Stations. We have a link with the State Secretary of Economic Development so that through the job board of each city where we have operations, we can help find the people with the required profile.
    DIOCON currently has two certifications that guarantee the commitment and professionalism we have with our customers and workers:

    1.- Certificate DUNS with number 81-503-1299
    2.- Certificate at the norm ISO 9001-2015 with number 44 10019610168 provide it by a german comany called TUV.

    DIOCON and clients around the world.

    Diocon Professional Services

    Email: contacto@diocon.com.mx
    Phone: (472) 722 1330
    (477) 267 0137